Meet Our Team

Michael J Hoggatt, PhD

Owner/Director, Hoggatt Consulting

Mike,, Summer, Elijah, and Mandy Hoggatt
Photograph Copyright 2018 (c) Rachel Wright Photography (
Mike Hoggatt and his daughter Summer, son, Elijah, and Wife Mandy

Mike is the Owner/Director of Hoggatt Consulting. He also serves as the President of the Disability Ministry Conference, and organization whose mission is to “Advance Quality Disability Ministry by Coming Together to Learn, Connect & Collaborate.” (

He holds Masters in both Special Education and Public Policy as well a Ph.D. in Higher Education Policy with an emphasis in Disability Policy. Mike has also received additional post-graduate training and/or certificates in Assistive/Adaptive Technology and Sexual Education Training for Individuals with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities.

Dr. Hoggatt’s work on disability policy as well as the intersection of faith and disabilities has been published in various outlets including The Journal of the Christian Institute on Disability, The Community College Review, The Community College Journal of Research and Practice, PRISM Magazine, and Focus on the Family.

Dr. Hoggatt has served on the board of directors for Friendship Ministries, Inc., an international ministry whose purpose is to provide resources that support faith formation and congregational inclusion with individuals with intellectual disability. Mike regularly consults and provides training to families, disability ministries, faith-communities, and related non-profit organizations. Contact Mike at

Photograph Courtesy of Rachel Wright Photography (c) 2018 (

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