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Another Kind of Courage: God’s Design for Fathers of Families Affected By Disability by Doug Mazza and Steve Bundy (2019)

Another Kind of Courage will guide men who find themselves in a situation they never expected: leading a family affected by disability. Filled with insights and personal stories from other men who have faced similar situations, this book offers encouragement, strength and hope to help men stand strong for their families.

Available Now as both a traditional Print Book and as an ebook, wherever books are sold.

The world promotes the lie that the wounded have little to offer. Individuals with Disabilities, children in the US foster care system, or individuals (or families) navigating loss are often sidelined by a culture that finds little room for these individuals or their contributions.

Summer Joy has experienced loss, abuse, and the marginalization that is far too often associated with carrying a label of disability. Yet, she proclaims that God is a Healer. God is a redeemer. Her life, now at fifteen, is one that proclaims that God has a purpose for her life.

This book is an attempt to provide insight into some of the lessons that God has taught through Summer’s life of faith.

This book is for those who choose to make their home alongside those the world so often neglects.

This is a book about hope.

This is a book about what God can, and will, do.

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